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[An interesting historical data collector, let more characters and stories be known]


In the feudal society of ancient China, "a woman without talent is a virtue" has become a widespread consensus, but there are some women who grew up in a special family background. Not only did they have the knowledge of beauty, they also married the famous people who moved the world. A gifted man, he left a story about celebrity couples in his life journey. Next, let us pay attention to celebrity couples who have achieved achievements in ancient times.


The second one is about the famous calligrapher Wang Ningzhi of the Eastern Jin Dynasty and his wife and famous poet Xie Daoyun. Both of them were born in a family of great families, and it can be said that they are talented and beautiful. It is said that their marriage was presided over by the famous prime minister Xie An. However, because Wang Ningzhi, who served as the internal history of Kuaiji, was obsessed with Taoism and did not resist in the Sun En and Lu Xun uprisings, all four sons conceived by him and Xie Daoyun were killed. Xie Daoyun also lived a bleak life in his later years.


The third one is Zhao Mingcheng, a famous connoisseur of the Song Dynasty, and his wife, Li Qingzhao, the most talented woman in the past. Although their fathers have different political stances, and despite the background of the country’s destruction and family destruction, they still hugged each other in the days of displacement. They moved forward in the years of war with swords, leaving behind an innumerable culture. wealth. Today's people can learn some stories about this loving couple from "The Preface of Jinshilu".


The fourth person I want to talk about is Zhao Mengfu, a famous calligrapher and painter in the Yuan Dynasty, and his wife, Guan Sheng, who was also a calligrapher and painter. In fact, since the two are good at both Xingkai and poetry creation, and at the same time good at drawing ink and bamboo, and drawing Meilan, it is enough to see the deep emotions of the two. What's more, the son of the two conceived Zhao Yong was also a famous calligrapher and painter in the Yuan Dynasty, which shows that Guan Sheng is a good mother who knows how to teach.


The fifth person I want to talk about is Yang Shen, a famous writer in Ming Dynasty, and his wife Huang E, who is known as one of the four talented women in Shuzhong. Both husband and wife were born in official households, but precisely because of the ceremonial event, they were forced to separate in the seventh year (1524) after marriage, and they were separated for more than 30 years. From today's perspective, how cruel the exploitation of human nature by 亚搏购彩appChinese feudal society is.


The last thing to say is that we have talked about the talented man Qian Qianyi and his wife L亚搏app下注平台iu Rushi in the late Ming Dynasty. Although the marriage of the two is quite controversial, it is affectionate and infatuation enough; the ending of the two is full of regrets, but this life is enough and this love is enough.




1. In the context of ancient feudal society, it is no longer easy for a woman to leave her name, and it is even more difficult to leave a literary achievement. If you marry a talented person, it is worthy of praise for future generations. Therefore, from the perspective of the historical perspective, even if the above-mentioned couples had a slightly miserable ending, they can still be called "celestial couples" in Chinese history.


2. Regardless of whether it is "women who are pleased for themselves" or "people who are confidants die", for both culturally talented couples, each other is the most important person in their lives. Therefore, when one party encounters hardships, it has to cause irreparable tragedies, causing irreversible pain to the parties, and bringing endless regrets to future generations. Of course we feel sorry for Xie Daoyun, and watched our husband and son leave in the war; of course we feel sorry for Li Qingzhao, in the background of the ruin of the country, we still stick to the memory of the homeland, the memory of marriage, and the mourning of the departed relatives. . But we can't deal with the harsh and decadent feudal system. We are even more fortunate to live in today's peaceful and happy era.

2.无论是“为自己感到高兴的妇女”还是“为知己而死的人”,对于有文化才华的夫妻来说,彼此都是生命中最重要的人。因此,当一个政党遇到困难时,就必然造成不可挽回的悲剧,给政党带来不可亚搏app下注平台逆转的痛苦,给子孙后代带来无尽的遗憾。当然,我们为谢道云感到遗憾,看着我们的夫妻在战争中离开。当然,我们为李庆昭感到遗憾,在国家灭亡的大背景下,我们仍然坚持祖国的记忆,婚姻的记忆和亲人的哀悼。 。但是,我们不能处理苛刻而腐朽的封建制度。我们更加幸运地生活在亚搏app下注平台当今和平与幸福的时代。

[Zi Zhan said]


Thinking about it carefully, it seems that ideological progress is more important than technological, cultural, and institutional progress. In other words, it is the ideological progress that has promoted the progress of science and technology, culture, and systems. I think this is why thinkers and philosophers of the past generations have a lofty position in history.


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